He sat on the floorboards
And wove a web of copper
And cold.

He held in his hand a tool
That looked like it had always been there
His head did not need to tell his hand what to do.

I asked him how he could figure it out
The path
He said that was the pat of plumbing
He really liked
And it all gets worked out in his head.

He was strong, brave and kind
He loved his family more than anything
And because he had stared death in the face so many times
He knew the importance of showing them how he cared.

Every home game, match, or event
Every family affair, large or small
Every day in so many little ways at that time
\Will reveal to them.

Even in the garden
There are copper arches and trellises
Copper water fountains and sculptures
These are his gifts to his familu.

For I believe
He had a copper-coated heart of gold.

-Megan Allen