A Journey

The bottle of Canadian Club began its journey home in August, 1971..

Ron Rose, Navy E-5, of Mankato, purchased the bottle for $3.55 as a souvenir from Vietnam Color for a friend, Rod Larson. Purchased while on leave in August, 1971, Ron guarded the bottle carefully on its long flight home from Vietnam.

From Da'Nang; with stops in Okinawa, Honolulu, San Bernardino, and Minneapolis; the bottle safely made its way to Mankato and was given to his friend.

Ron returned to Da'Nang, Vietnam, and finally finished his Navy tour in Jan.1972..

After sitting on a shelf for almost twenty years surviving harassment and tempatation to open the bottle, it was decided it had another destiny..

In February, 1990, it was given to Mankato Vietnam Veterans Last Mans Club in memory of John Siverson and the other local United States military veterans that did not come back from Vietnam.

May its journey continue to the last Survivor..

Rod Larson